Cracker Jacks

Embed from Getty Images


Waiting for the movie to start, we made our own previews.

“Damn it, I droped a dime.” I started lifting seats and looking around on the floor bent over. Mom would be pissed.

“Do you see any Cracker Jacks down there?” he said seriously.

I spun around looking down. “I dunno.” What a stupid question. Would he really eat off the floor?

Without warning, he shoved a popcorn kernel so far down my pants so that it stuck between my ass cheeks.

“I see a cracker, jack!”

I spun annoyed. “Hey!”

He almost fell over laughing.

Even though it bugged me, his laughter was contagious. I threw the popcorn back in his face.


He started chunking kernels at me. “Butt-kernel!”



We settled back into our seats out of breath.





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