movie theater balcony


A movie theater balcony was a perfect place to be for a couple of hoodlums like us.  From this vantage point we could see everything–the floor seats, the movie screen, even the second floor landing in the lobby if we needed to–but nobody could see us.  And that was the whole point.

A fat bald guy sitting beneath us stuffed popcorn in his mouth noisily.  We could hear him chewing all the way up here. Ugh. What a pig.  His missing hair was like a landing strip.  Too good to pass up.  Joe had already rolled up half a dozen spit wads for a preemptive strike.

According to the army guys in the movie, we had the high ground.  And that gave us a distinct advantage.  We could attack and destroy everything and nothing could touch us. Or so we thought.

Joe brought the straw to his lips ready to lay waste to the landscape below.

Let the war begin.


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