Kylo Ren drank the Vader-ade


I went to see this with my ten-year-old son. We both fell asleep. We figure “The Force Awakens” must mean that they will wake us up at the end of the movie and force us to leave.

Star-Wars-The-Force-Awakens-Official-Poster ss


Kylo Ren drank the Vader-ade.

It was long predicted in online forums that Solo was going to die. Ford hated the character so much that this was the only way to get him to return to the role. No real shocker there, though they probably should have waited until the second movie to kill off the most popular character of the entire series.

I would disagree with Abrams on one point. Killing off a character is not the only way to propel a plot forward. I call that making the Rocky mistake: in Rocky II, Mickey dies; in Rocky III, Apollo dies; in Rocky IV, Adrienne dies; etc.

Rey is obviously Luke’s kid. Then—gasp—let me guess: Finn Calrissian? The only thing that tops “Luke, I am your father!” is “Look, I killed my father.”

How many similarities? Ren equals Luke; yet another orphan kid on a desert planet; Po equals Han; Kylo Ren equals Darth Vader; Snoke equals the emperor; Jaaku equals Tatooine; snow planet equals snow planet; Han in his poncho again; Luke equals Obi-Wan; Maz equals Yoda; another jazzy cantina scene; another sword fight; Hux equals Mof Tarkin; another “I am your father!” scene on a catwalk over an abyss; still another death star; etc.

I’ve seen this movie before. It was called STAR WARS.



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