Bladerunner 2 fan script review

br2Bladerunner’s DECKARD chases a new and improved replicant named GRAHAM, survivor of the original Nexus 6, to Jupiter and back in order to rescue RACHAEL, his repli-mate.

A good script, even though it borrows heavily from the original. Writing style is lucid; a bit choppy, but very visual. GRAHAM, the lead replicant, needs to decide whether he’s a villain or a hero. RACHAEL is a throwaway, and I doubt if Sean Young and Daryl Hannah would stoop to cameos. Script realizes halfway through that no one is wearing the black hat, so INSPECTOR BRYANT is quickly scapegoated into villainy, which makes the conflict anti-climactic compared to the first film. Locales and action are nice, but mostly thanks to Trumbull, Vangelis, and Scott. Script ends where it really should have begun: Deckard learns he’s a replicant and runs from the cops. But this gimmick makes the original movie seem like a bad joke.

Journal, 2-1-94

[Note: the above artwork is from a different book than the script.]


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