Stephen King’s shopping list…


A-1 barbeque sauce


Arm & Hammer baking soda

arthritis pain reliever, acetaminophen 650 mg

baking potatoes, two medium

bleach, 6 gals.

whole wheat dread bread

broccoli crowns, VERY GREEN stem, wide not small x1

carrots x2


5 bags of quick-dry cement

chainsaw, fresh blades plus oil

charcoal briquettes, 7 bags


clean white shirt

coaxial cable, 50-feet unwound

cocoa, unsweetened

Corn Chex

cotton balls

dark chocolate 65% (or more) cocoa bar, x1

dental floss

anti-bacterial hand soap

drill bits 1/2-inch, match those in case

duct tape, 10 rolls


Equate Jock Itch Relief Powder Spray, 4.6 fl oz

eye safety goggles

finger sandwiches

flashlight with batteries

milled flax seeds, one box

gauze strips, large

get gas in car

graham crackers

ground chuck hamburger

hand sanitizer, 6 bottles

hand wipes, refills


hot sauce

kidney beans

open-fire spit for pig

extra strength laundry detergent

one head lettuce in bag


long johns, bottoms only

low-sugar grape jelly


metal scouring pads

one half-gallon vitamin D milk


security camera

No Salt (salt substitute)


orange juice

twenty rolls of paper towels

peanut butter, crunchy x2

plastic Tupperware tubs


prescription: Lunesta


rat poison

rice cakes


sleeping pillow, cases

smooth, plastic floor mat for rolling office chair

soy sauce

SPRING water x2

stiff cologne

surgical rubber gloves, many boxes

bulb syringe

t-bone steak, marbled

tofu, firm

toilet paper, Costco size

tooth picks

disposable toothbrush


trash bags, se7en boxes

tuna, chunk white

underarm deodorant

Vitamin D 1000 IU

warm fuzzy winter socks

Yoplait low fat yogurt, vanilla

Ziplock bags, quart size, 10 boxes


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