Donny the Doorman: “Popcorn Kernel Story” by Chris Stewart, age 9

Popcorn and Movie Tickets

Day 73 of captivity in Walmart. The other kernels and I are very bored. Ooh, a customer! “Hooray!” we cheer. He’s here for us.

In the checkout aisle, we see about three other bags of kernels. The man takes us out to a large truck. He throws us in the back, where we see loads of other popcorn bags, sodas, and candies! Vrrruumm! He starts up the truck, and we’re moving.

The building he seems to be heading towards is called Starplex. “That building is big as 10 school buses!” one kernel said. He went around back, and then brought us in.

People were everywhere! He carried us to a machine on a counter and turned it on. “Is it getting warm in here?” one kernel asked. Pop! Pop! Pop! All of my friends and I turned into popcorn!

Meanwhile, a lady was talking to the man behind the counter. “One large popcorn,” the lady said. The man poured us into a red and white bag and said, “Theater 17.” The lady brought us down a dark hall with lots of bright signs.

The lady brought us to a door next to a sign that said “The Box Trolls!” There were little green men wearing brown cubes on a giant, bright screen.

During the event, the lady picked me up, and just about when I thought it was over for me, she dropped me onto the cold, hard floor. Me and a few others were dropped by the lady. When the green men disappeared and words started popping up on the screen, everyone left.

Creeek! The door opened, and a man with a giant comb attached to a stick and a shovel walked in. He started walking down every aisle and picking up the popcorn on the floor, including me.

He brought us to a room labeled “Janitor’s Closet.” He dumped us in a cylinder and left. We climbed out onto a counter, accidentally knocking over a liquid that smelled bad. We slid down the liquid, riding it all the way out the exit, while also making a few people slip.

We escaped!


Teacher’s Note: “This story made me laugh – not easy to do after reading about 50 of these. I love your writing style! I felt like I was along for the ride with your kernals. The ‘little green men’ from the movie were a fun addition to the story. Thank you for your efforts.”

Total Score: 100

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