Letter to my late friend Ray Bradbury (who loved Halloween)


Dear Ray,

Halloween is dead. D-E-A-D. Dead.

We had three trick-or-treaters last year— just three! Can you imagine that? I could not believe it myself!

Malls and churches are packed with more trick-or-treaters than our neighborhood is—buying kids’ souls for a stick of gum. Who woulda thunk it? Candy worshippers!

The Baptists are raining hellfire down on teachers who barely breathe the word “pumpkin” in their classrooms—they call it “devil worship.” I call it food worship. Pass the whipped cream!

And those little goblins run so fast to their parent’s car that I don’t even get to see their faces. It’s drive-by looting!

Halloween is no more about “devil-worship” than Christmas is about money-worship. It’s not about Satan or about Santa; it’s about having a healthy fear what ought to be feared—death. How do preachers expect kids to have a fear of God when they don’t even fear death? The devil? Their teachers? Or their parents?

Imagine them walking the streets unsupervised. Talk about scary!


(Photo credit: http://www.plantsandtreesonline.co.uk)


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