Raiders of the Lost Ark 2

I sketched this opening to Indiana Jones 4 at least a decade before the 2007 movie.  It could be called Lost Ark 2, as Indy goes after Noah’s biblical ship.


It must be 120 degrees, or better.  A long line of animals, which stretches to infinity, to the horizon, trods patiently across the shimmering sands.  Across the high dunes they saunter silhoutted by the setting sun. (Remember Indy in the first movie?).


They zig-zag up a mountain.  Clouds gather, lightning strikes.


Down into a valley.  Rain spatters.  It starts to pour.  Elephants trumpet, lions roar.  A line at disneyland.  Monkey on an elephant’s back.


The ark.  Animals board.  It begins to pour.

Noah looks old, tired.



Indy looks old, tired. Same beard as Noah.

Rain against window.

…the end of the world.  Then of course god sent the rainbow as his promise to never destroy man in a flood ever again.  The key word here is flood because, as you know, the book of revelations promises armageddon to come.

Bell rings

Speaking of which, final exams next week.  Comprehensive.  Study study study


Somebody watches indy leave in the rain.


For the rest of the story…

fountains of youth (Indy becomes young again), the garden of eden. noah’s ark (intact, in a valley that never ages, shades of lost horizon), and indy as Dr. Doolittle, talking to animals; indy’s lost son, spiritual rebirth. abominable snowmen, a.k.a. snowshod horizon-ites


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