Disneyland, 1986: Where are you now?

Disneyland, 1986: Where are you now?

(it’s a small world, after all)



It was a place called Disneyland,

where dreams are built on hills of sand,

and castles in a morning’s tide

glide away on glistening rivulets.


I was lost the among the fairytale towers,

the perfect lawns, impossible flowers,

until I stumbled near into

the Girl I Never Knew.


She wasn’t alone, nor was I,

yet when our eyes met,

the rest of the world vanished,

and I was… vanquished.


We said as much as two could say,

if only we could speak,

if only minds were strong enough

and legs were half as weak.


In the Haunted Mansion line,

we came together, side by side;

for probably half-an-hour through that twisting, turning line,

you could not have slipped a piece of paper in-between us;

yet we stepped into our separate cars,

without a touch, a single one.


She will forever, ever be

in that dark car ahead of me

throughout the twists and alleys of

this life of mine, her secret love


You know how the song goes:


“When you wish upon a star,

Makes no difference who you are…”

In a place where dreams come true,

I lost the one I never knew.




3 thoughts on “Disneyland, 1986: Where are you now?

  1. I find it strange you remember that meeting.
    Would you consider it semi-cheating?
    No, I don’t think so. Not anymore.
    We had our chance some years before.
    If you had only dropped your defenses-
    Lost a little of your common senses,
    The Disney ride could have become X-rated.
    As it is, we never even dated.
    Still, you need to know you bring a smile
    and I think about you once in a while.

  2. The poem is sweet and captured my imagination. But the follow-on comment? Classic! It is now an undeniable part of the original, which should never be seen without it.

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